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In our company we seek to provide the best service for your company, micro-entrepreneurship and projects, generating an inter-professional link, working together with the best professionals in the involved area.



Research and Development Projects

We encourage our clients to see, in Research and Development activities, a path that can allow them to differentiate themselves from the competition, and we assist them in the search for the required financing if necessary. Our experience of more than 10 years in this matter, indicates us that investment in R & D is key to grow.

Escaray Consulting, in collaboration with technological institutions, of great prestige in the area of Research and Development, has the availability of:...
Business Plan
Investment Projects (Business Plan)

We evaluate your investment project and analyze its feasibility. We seek together the possible ways of financing or association with national counterparts and / or International (Joint Venture) and we advise you on your real commercialization possibilities. With this objective, qualified professionals are associated to resolve issues related to all productive, commercial, legal and tax areas. Since we are convinced that an interdisciplinary teamwork is an unavoidable condition to achieve the success of a project.

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Valuation, Purchase and Sale of Companies

We value your company under the utmost confidentiality, taking into account the parameters used internationally. And we seek, in the same way, the buyer for it, ensuring, at all times, transparency in negotiations. We have industrial, commercial and tourism companies in portfolio.

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Alternative Energies and Environment

Escaray Consulting is committed to fostering in its advised companies, a proactive attitude in the search to reduce its environmental impacts and to seek the sustainable use of renewable natural resources. We carry out the integral study of research and development projects for the production of Biofuels and the search for solutions to environmental pollution problems. We have in our portfolio R & D projects in environmental solutions, which are developing and that result in interesting investment opportunities.

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Foreign Companies in Argentina

The advisory activity is aimed at all companies wishing to expand or to start it activities in the argentine market. The service consists of: search for suppliers, contacts, partners, raw materials, collaborations in production, financing of particular relevance to foreign companies, advice on the stipulation of commercial agreements between foreign and Argentine companies, advice and assistance for the access to financing at reduced interest in the country, etc.

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International Trade
(Commodities and Value Added Products)

Our excellent business relationships with direct producers and exporters, consolidated over more than a decade of intense work, allow us to offer high quality and value-added products, as well as different commodities, that meet the needs of customers on five continents. We provide advisory services for the marketing of your products in the international market. The success in the placement of the products in new markets, with different customs, depends on factors that must be previously analyzed to avoid unnecessary expenses. Our business contacts in a large number of countries in America and Europe, facilitate this work and make the efforts, to be carried out, more efficient and effective. We can organize the marketing process and logistics of your product, from the very door of your factory to the delivery in the hands of end customers, facilitating access to integrated logistics solutions by international freight forwarders.

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Company Communication

The communication in a company, known as organizational communication, is a determining factor in the success of a company. Good communication is synonymous with efficiency, organization and coordination, while bad communication can be a reason for inefficiency, disorder and internal conflicts. That is why Escaray Consulting is dedicated to advising, through previous research and an in-depth analysis, how the internal and external communication unfolds, as well as specialized advice and management in Branding, Identity and Communication.

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ISO Certifications

Escaray Consulting has concluded an international representation agreement with the Scaffaro Studio, which has its headquarters in Rome (Italy), for the realization of consultancy for ISO 9001 certification (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and BS OHSAS 18001 (Management System for health and safety at work) of companies of any type and size. It is pleasing for us to be able to inform our clients about these new services we provide.