Research and Development

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Escaray Consulting, in collaboration with technological institutions, of great prestige in the area of Research and Development, has the availability of:

- Pilot plant and food processing laboratory;

- Laboratory for the study of waste and effluents;

- Workshop design and construction of machines and equipment prototypes.

This allows the realization of the following activities:

- Development of food products. Refrigerated, frozen, dehydrated, preserved, semi-preserved and sous vide products.

- Fresh and frozen foods (include shaped, breaded and breaded products).

- Salty, dried and smoked foods.

- Sugary foods (sweets, liqueurs, honey).

- Selection of equipment for food processing.

- Equipment design and automation. Planes. Prototypes construction.

- Design of food processing plant at different scales. Planes.

- Advice on the treatment of effluents and waste.

- Study for the use and reduction of waste. Design of treatments. Planes.

- Development of alternative energy systems.

- Support activities for aquaculture.

- Development of balanced feed and processing of the crop for the agricultural sector.

- Development, testing and evaluation of fertilizers and bio-fertilizers.

- Studies and field trials.

- Design of autoclaves for small scale. Training in the operation of autoclaves and preparation of food preserves.

Our team of associated professionals, highly trained, and with proven experience in multinational companies, in collaboration with professional teams from these institutions, complements their work with physicochemical, microbiological and metrological laboratory tests.

On the other hand, as an extension of the services offered for R & D, economic feasibility studies of the projects are carried out, market studies of developed products, advice for the obtaining of financing lines, advice on management technologies and good practices of manufacturing, as well as consulting for the implementation of ISO standards.