Escaray Consulting

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Escaray Consulting is a consultancy founded on the search for the needs satisfaction of small and medium-sized enterprises, that want to grow and expand, becoming increasingly competitive, and we believe that innovation is a basic element to achieve it.

Nowadays, there are no longer long distances. There are few borders difficult to cross. But once these borders are crossed, the scenarios change and it is necessary to know the prevailing conditions in which you must work.

We believe that the success of the industrial and commercial enterprises, is based on the correct interpretation of those scenarios where they pretend to develop and compete. We are convinced that the work carried out by interdisciplinary teams, and innovation, are basic elements to be competitive.

Escaray Consulting provides industrial consulting services and advice on environmental remediation and alternative fuels, to companies from different regions around the world, and sustains strategic alliances with companies from different related sectors.

We have extensive experience in R & D Projects coordination
in the following areas:
- Alternative Fuels
- Industrial Effluents Treatment
- New Mass Consumption Products
- Municipal Solid Waste Treatment
- Biofuels

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