• New Conversion System for Diesel Engines to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

    Thanks to several years of uninterrupted development, a reliable equipment has been achieved, capable of adapting to any type of diesel engine , both turbo aspirated and turbo intercooled and normal aspiration and all types of injections: injection pumps, linear, rotary , PT and common rail.
    Through the injection of LPG by positive pressure , the installation of sensors to the motor, the use of electronics and advanced programming algorithms, the Electronic Control Unit (UCE) permanently seeks maximum efficiency in dualization .
    Automotive LPG is the most widely used, and accepted alternative, within conventional fuels for transportation, petroleum derivatives, gasoline and diesel. There are currently more than 25 million vehicles powered by automotive LPG around the world, and this number is growing rapidly.
    The growing concern about environmental pollution, caused mainly by automotive fuels, has led governments to encourage the replacement of conventional fuels by others with cleaner combustion and less pollution. As a result, the world tendency is to lean towards fuels that emit lower amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (NO2), the main energy related to the greenhouse effect.

    Benefits of its application:

    - By using a mixture of diesel and LPG, the engine continues to work with the thermodynamic efficiency of the diesel cycle with the benefits of lowering exhaust emissions and the low economic cost of LPG with respect to diesel.

    - A homogeneous mixture, controlled and well distributed in the cylinders with the combustion air, facilitating a cleaner and more complete combustion.

    - Longer engine life due to less wear.

    - Smooth, silent and vibration-free driving.

    - Prolongs the autonomy of the vehicle to more than double.

    - A more economic maintenance due to a lower number of breakdowns and longer periods of oil changes due to the absence of carbonaceous deposits that contaminate the lubricating oil.

    - Greater power and greater torque at partial load (starts and stops of vehicles) which is the operating regime of vehicles in the urban environment.

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  • Patent Sale of Innovative ground anchor system

    This patented and innovative anchoring system is especially suitable for use in the grounding of solar panels in photovoltaic power generation facilities .

    For its part, in the construction sector it has multiple possibilities of use:

    - For the realization of road signs and advertising.
    - Fixed or temporary installations (tents, awnings, tensioned structures, etc., etc.)
    - Poles and fence posts for video surveillance cameras, sensors, etc.
    - Foundation for prefabricated wooden houses .
    - Dry foundation systems, without the use of concrete, for temporary or fixed constructions.
    - Consolidations for ANTIVALANCHE.

    Obviously, also where the use of concrete on agricultural land is prohibited or where public permits to build it are prohibited.
    In general, the system is easy to install and overcomes these prohibitions.
    Also in the field of construction linked to agriculture there may be many applications related to agricultural structures or equipment , such as, for example, the construction of greenhouses for floriculture or intensive production of vegetables.
    It is also very useful for roofing systems (such as gazebos) for beaches s

  • Real State: 310 ha Farm (Location: Bolívar, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

    310 hectares, located between Bolívar and 25 De Mayo Cities.
    About 5 km from Route 205
    40 km from Bolívar city.
    IMPROVEMENTS: employer's house in good condition
    2 Sheds,
    Sleeve, Scales.
    Stockyard, loader.
    Wires in good condition.
    4 mills
    Electric power.
    Productivity: Mixed farm, with 75% for agricultural implementation and greens.

  • Real State: 15 Floor Building Project (Mar del Plata, Argentina)

    The lot is located in the downtown area of Mar del Plata city, one block from Pedro Luro Avenue, the main one in the city. This avenue communicates with the Municipal Palace (7 blocks), with the coastal avenue (12 blocks) and with the main accesses to the city. It is in front of a public square composed of four blocks, thus ensuring permanent views towards the coast and city.

    Due to the arrangement of the lot, it gives the possibility of having all the units and rooms ventilated, since the building is implanted separately from the dividing axes.

    Units detail:
    Number of apartment floors: 10

    Number of garage floors: 2

    Total number of floors: 15

    Total surface to build: 2738 m2

    5 of 1 room
    4 of 3 rooms
    1 of 5 rooms
    15 of 2 rooms
    1 Multi-Use Sector
    1 Access hall

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